Biting More Than I Can Chew!

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Phew! If you’re reading this it means that my very ambitious plan of launching an online magazine was successful!
I now know how SRK would have felt in an industry with no “God Father”! Not that I have achieved the heights he has, but for me coming this far – on my own – is success!

So a few weeks ago I started getting edgy (even after quitting my job) and Dilip in his typical Singaporean accent went
“Whaaaat isssss itttttt now????” To which I said “Whaaaattttt??? I hate that accent, I hate my life go away”. He being he
(he is right now fidgeting trying to appear patient and supportive as I type this) persisted and I blurted out –
“I want my own magazine and online and on my site. I will have to upgrade my site and that is a lot of work”.
And he just looked at me very strangely and replied “so what is the problem? Do it.”
And I did. I think! I hope! It works right?

Happy First Anniversary Initium Novum! What a journey it has been so far! 14 October is so “My Day” with my first ever book now available for sale in India!
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