Child’s Play

Parenting! Currently this appears to be the most debated topic of conversation. From media to blogs to non-parents even – everyone has an opinion on how YOU should be raising YOUR kids. We seem to be living our lives under constant scrutiny and worse – fear of judgement. Are we so clouded with “What’s out there” that we do not see what’s right in front of us? Our kids? The ones who come into our lives and change them forever, the ones who never judge us and happily overlook our flaws, the ones who we actually are answerable to – and not the faceless keyboard warriors out there isn’t it.

Parenting is as difficult as it comes, and we make it worse by caving to the pressures of being the “Perfect Parent”. To me this term is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as a “Perfect Parent”. We do what we think is best for our kids and once that is done – we cross everything crossable in our bodies and pray – hard! For the well-being of that child, for them to thrive, for them to be successful. The only difference being the way we do it. That’s all! (more…)

Let’s Talk About Love Baby!

Let’s Talk About You and Me 😉

You and Me are very different people. You and Me think different. You and Me Love different things. Love! The one emotion that from time immemorial has been the topic of discussion, the reason behind many a war, the unexplained rush that forces humans (and animals alike) to behave in a way that is so out of character. Love is Blind, Love is Life but is Love Enough? (more…)

Mischief Managed!

Hello Hello! or should I say Ho Ho Ho!

Well the year is almost coming to an end, and I do not know about you but I am ready to slow down now – which seems highly unlikely right now actually. Take this issue for example. When I started “The Ramble Roundup” I had in mind a feature of 10-12 pages. This one has 30! AND this just the second issue of the magazine! But this is all thanks to the amazing contributors and of course our readers!