A Tryst with SRK

*** Sorry couldn’t help but alter the title! In all honesty, I am swooning that I had the chance to share space with the King of Romance! Read on for the actual article, i’m not done swooning yet! ***

Weekday Date Night and the Weight Loss Tamasha!

“Jaan it’s been a while since I’ve taken you out on a date” says my husband of 16 years! “Ok what have you done now?” Is my first thought! “I just wanna spend some time with you it’s been ages” as if reading my mind (or did I say that out loud?) I carefully venture “Ok how about Thursday?”, “Let’s do Wednesday, Thursday is the semifinals na”. Weekday date night? You know how rare that is? Rarer than the blue moon! I’m a mom, I work, we both start our day early, where is this coming from!



Hey guys! So I have a friend. Let’s call her H. She is gainfully employed and though her salary is often considered to be her “pocket money” she is happy with what she does. Married to an ambitious, money driven man – together they have a gem of a child. She is pleasing to look at and enjoys an active and healthy lifestyle always multi-tasking, managing her personal, work and social life, organizing a busy calendar for their pre-teen, maintaining relations with family and friends, planning the birthdays, anniversaries, family holidays – and he (willingly) foots the bills. You get the picture right. The perfect life. The dream.


Road Trip Anyone?

So the worst has happened. Someone I knew ( not for too long and clearly not too well), took me off their friends list on Facebook. O the world has come to an end, what a disaster! O but Wait! Nothing’s changed. The sun still rises in the east and sets in the west, I’m getting on with my life and I do hope so is she. Did it surprise me? I’ll be honest it did. Did it hurt me? I’ll be honest again – it didn’t. What it did was made me angry. I was ragging mad. No not cause that person removed me off a virtual friends list, but cos they were sneaky enough to do it without telling me that they have a problem with me.


The Unmumsy Mum

I’m not a “Mommy”! Let me re phrase that – I’m not a “mommy” kinda mom, you know the wonderful kinds you see everywhere, the cuddling, carrying, doing homework and projects together kinda mommy. The ones who vent about unsolicited advice they get on raising their “LO” (Little Ones for the not so enlightened ones). The ones who fight the demons their kids face for them, cos “you don’t mess with my LO, o no sir your don’t”!


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