The Queen of Drama Queens

So when I asked Madam Kalpana to do the feature, she did a lot of natak. “But I have no story” “But I’m not inspiring” “But I’m a nobody”. Now I know her too well to argue. She won’t do it and had I pushed her more, she would have blocked me on whatsapp and removed me from Facebook. So instead I took it upon myself to do a feature on her, to remind her who exactly she is. I stalked her family on FB, downloaded pictures off their profile, resisted the urge to “Love” them instead of “like”. Such hard work! I still run the risk of being blocked and by all of them this time (please don’t do that pretty please) but what the hell – YOLO – Presenting My Best Friend – Kalpana Chand.

The Simple Life

Hello from lovely London! Am here to attend a wedding, my friend’s son is getting married. Before you know it, some of you will be attending my son’s wedding because that’s how quickly time flies! How do I know that? Well because of my latest feature. I had a hard time convincing myself that she was a “woman”. To me she’s always my younger cousin who I had differences with growing up. And then we grew up (or so we hope), learnt to live and let live. I recently contacted her with a clear idea of what I wanted her to write about and she immediately agreed. She said she is one of the silent readers, reads everything that I publish (Note to self – quiz her on that one day) and would definitely contribute. Maybe because I knew her as a child or maybe because I’ve only seen her “fun” side, I was pleasantly surprised to receive such a wonderful and honest piece from her. I couldn’t be more proud of the fine young lady she has turned out to be, of her achievements and of her story. Read on – you’re in for a treat! (more…)

Racism – By the Indians, For the Indians.

I feel the need for a disclaimer before I start this. So here goes – I am not overtly patriotic. I usually am nonchalant about everything around me anyway. I am notoriously famous for my most common reaction – Mera Kya?? I don’t ever feel the need to justify myself and I hate getting into confrontations which was why I was hesitant to post this. It takes up so much of my energy and over what [notice I never responded to the Gulf News feature ;-)]! But this is something I feel very strongly about. Because when we put “our own” down, it gives everyone else a right to do so as well. I wrote this while on our holiday recently, many little things happened that got me thinking. Then a very recent incident that sparked comments against the Indians just encouraged me further. It’s just coincidence that I’m posting it in August when both India and Singapore celebrate their National Days! 

Life has just begun!

I “met” Neha when she messaged to personally compliment and appreciate a blog I had posted on a group. We have since only kept in touch over chat and what I love most about her is that she ends every conversation with “Keep Writing”. Only someone who is completely secure and confident of herself would do that considering she’s a fellow writer herself! Read on guys – presenting the Magic Momma – Neha!


The Expat Woman

Almost everyone you meet in Dubai is from another country. Almost every friend you have has lived their life in a different place. And almost everyone has at some point used the (a site I have had the honor and privilege of contributing to) as a one stop solution to all your expat questions! Meet the woman behind the ExpatWoman, though calling her a “woman” would be incorrect. More like the “baby”. Meet Rebecca, the 24 year old editor of ExpatWoman.


Practise Makes Perfect

If Bollywood has Sultan we have Dabangg! Meet Pooja, other than yoga, her tallest claim to fame is that of being my younger sister 😉 An ardent Salman Khan fan, her life is no less than a Bollywood flick – she bullied her way out of situations as a kid, kinda lost herself midway, then found herself when she became a mom! Her “Angel” Maahi turned 2 this year and is literally Pooja’s savior! Over to Pooja and her very filmy life! Hur Dabangg Dabangg Dabangg


Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Remember when I said I will feature one “Real” woman each week, who “Kicks ass on a daily basis”? Well, Meet Ellie – Mom,  Fitness Coach, Cop! Can’t get more “real” than her, definitely not one that literally kicks ass for a living!!! Again, I haven’t had the pleasure of actually meeting her but I am in awe of what I have seen of her online! Without further ado – Over to Ellie!

Be Bold – Be You

So each time I thought of the beginning for this article, I kept going back to this talk by Oprah Winfrey where she says “There are no mistakes”. According to her the “mistakes” or “loses” are just setting you back on track to what you are destined for. I think this is so apt, so fitting for Chloe. How else can her journey be explained? She always knew she wanted to be a photographer but only went to school at the age of 35 to do her Masters in Photography. What took her so long? Why did she wait? Was it worth the wait? Well read on!

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