The Expert Juggler

I am back – at the airport! Enroute Mumbai right now, but it is Wednesday so here goes! I met Ayshwarya online, like I have many many other lovely ladies – Including the photographer who spoils us rotten with these amazing images – Chloe Lodge! So she commented on one of my articles and then we stayed in touch. One thing led to another (as in a typical virtual friendship) and the next thing we know, we are having the special chai at my house, a sign that things are getting serious. I really like Ayshwarya. She is as real as real gets. Even with the different roles she plays (wife, mother, friend, entrepreneur etc etc), it is still very much “HER”. Read on to find out more about the lovely lady in her full-of-life interview. Thank You Ayshwarya for taking time out, I know how overwhelmed you are right now with the launch of Kidore being just round the corner!

And thank you Chloe Lodge for the images, we all love them. Specially Ayshwarya who couldn’t stop gushing even at 11 pm!


So now you do not work? You sit at home… Doing Nothing?

Oodi baba! I feel like I have to say this – this article isn’t about the woes of a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom), WM (Working Mom), or a WFM (Work From Home) neither is it a comparison. I have been all of those so even if that makes me a level “expert” of sorts, this isn’t about my experiences in the different roles. Each had/ have their moments, each come with their own set of ups and downs. I won’t compare. (more…)

Humari Tamana

We all have that one friend who is the proverbial “Mother Hen”, always looking out for you, always feeding you, always fussing over you putting herself last. No? Well I do, and so do a few fortunate others.  So I was thinking what could be a better feature than to show someone just how lucky we think we are to have her in our lives. Put her ahead of us for a change right? I went on to start a WhatsApp group (yes me) which included her husband Kishore, her sons Krishna and Shiv along with some close mates Dilip, Monica, Priya, Kaushal, Meenakshi and asked them just five question. It is over to them, in their words what they think of her and what she means to them. As for me, well let’s just say she is the only one I would move a feature meant for a Wednesday to a Tuesday. Only for Humari Tamana. Because – Aww Tera Happy Birthday!


Pure Love

So going back 10 years (again) when we first arrived in Dubai, it wasn’t the entrepreneurial hub it is today. They were very few who had the courage to start something new and relevant.  Ahlaam was one of them. I remember being introduced to the concept of Powwer Bhangra and thinking how cool it was. Weight loss the fun way! Ahlaam further became a “muse” of sorts when we embarked on our weight loss journey. Imagine my joy when I got the chance to meet her, and add to it, got on with her! We sat chatting for nearly 3 hours over her newly launched yum vegan cheese and gluten free crackers range of Pure Vegan Love. From one fitness enthusiast to another – Thank You Ahlaam for your contribution in making this world a healthier place!

And yes! Thank You to the super talented Chloe Lodge for the gorgeous images – once again! And for patiently waiting in between shots, while we jumped from one topic to another! I love the images. Ahlaam looks her beautiful and stunning self!

Its now over to Ahlaam – Entrepreneur, Author, Mom.


Yoga for Busy Bees

I Know I Know! It is a Thursday! But I am feeling generous and Chandnee, her usual helpful self (maybe you remember her from my previous blog too)! As a Yogini and a Certified Yoga Teacher, her natural instinct is to teach (that is, when she is not wandering around somewhere in the Himalayas – no seriously! I’m not kidding), even if it is online! After much thought (not really, I am so not capable of that) we came up with something that most want – To be able to stay fit even on a tight schedule, on the travels (I was thinking about myself here) or simply take an easy way out on those one off “lazy days” (also me)! So this is Chandnee doing what she does best – Reaching out and helping us by giving few easy “tips” and postures for a quick workout when on the move! If you’re anything like me – you will love it! Over to the expert! (more…)

The Pilates Girl

We have a Bride to be on What Women Want today!!! Her Big Day is just three weeks away! I have known Alison for about a year now. She had posted on The Marina Mums Group about the Pilates classes she offered. I was ailing an injury and was looking for alternatives and Pilates seemed like a brilliant one. As I started training with her, I got stronger and my injured knee better! The added benefit, if I may, was that I really got on with Alison, we really connected on many levels. I knew she was to get married in October and that she was busy with the wedding planning, what impressed me the most was how she glowed and smiled through it all. She would blush at the thought of her wedding instead of stressing. Alison and David I wish you guys nothing but the best! Can’t wait to see the pictures of your big day!

Ps – So when I asked her to do this (way back in June, her story intrigued me – From a Dental Nurse to a Pilates Instructor) she sent it across immediately. I read it and I was shocked at how similar we sound! Read on and you will know what I mean. Truly a girl after my own heart!

Pps – She is currently taking a break from Social Media (planning a wedding is stressful enough) I do have her permission to pass on her contact details should anyone need it! (more…)

THE Marina Mum

I have known Deepika for over 6 years now. My first interaction with her was – yes, you guessed it, thanks to the fabulous “Mommy Group” Dubai Marina Mums or as previously known – The Marina Mums. I can honestly say that it was the first of it’s kind back then and even now my “go-to” place for answers. She works really hard to keep it positive, friendly and relevant. Much like herself actually! The group is a true reflection of her ideals and everything she stands for. Guess there is my reason for loving the group as much as I do! I spent a lovely morning with her at her home and I experienced a perfect combination of Chat, Chai and Chloe

Image Credit to the Fabulous Chloe Lodge! But you already knew that didn’t you 🙂

Master Chef Dubai

What can I say about Priya? Most of you know her as my friend. And you won’t be wrong, but what most of you won’t know is that we are connected in more ways than one. What many of you won’t know is that she is the reason behind this page. I owe every change in my life that has happened in the past year to her. She contributed to the birth of Initium Novum which subsequently gave way to this blog. So really I couldn’t think of anyone more suited to kick off Season 2. I had but of course approached Kaushal (the “man”power behind Brand Priya) and they said yes but this one was special, we had to get the timing right. So here goes – Meet Priya, an upcoming chef in Dubai on a mission to promote vegetarianism. She started her culinary journey with Indulge a little under a year ago and is already a registered chef at ChefXChange and BonAppetour. Professionally, she’s a chef par comparison! Her food is exquisite and unique. She delivers what she promises – indulgence. Personally, I am yet to come across a more genuine, generous and easy going person than her, I just hope I have done justice in showcasing her on the very page she helped start!


Running the Race of Life

Monica! It’s finally your turn! I’m sure everyone is wondering what took this so long, so let’s put the speculations to rest! The Season 1 started with a feature by my older sister Dimple and well, a fitting end to the season (just the season people, not the series) would be a feature by my other sister – from another mother! Lately a lot of people including her lovely mom in law have been of the opinion that we are beginning to look alike, some even commented that we look like sisters, me being the younger one of course 😉 So who better than Monica for the finale eh? I have known her for about 5 years now. What started off as me trying to be supportive towards a friend and fellow mommy, turned into actual admiration and respect! I couldn’t be more proud of how she has grown from strength to strength, over coming challenges (both personal and professional) and keeping herself “updated” with the current trends all whilst still holding true to what got her started as a photographer in the first place – her passion for the art, for capturing “the moment”! A die hard romantic herself, she absolutely gives her all in every couple shoot, while her inner “mommy” comes out in every family shoot! A person par excellence, she looks for the good in everyone and that is what is reflected in the pictures she takes of you – your best side! But enough of what I think about her, over to Monica and her take on life, passion and of course, photography!


Home Away from Home – Bon Appetite 🍽

What a fab summer that was! Anyone who follows me on social media will agree with me when I say that this world is an amazing place! Each city so unique, so different, so wonderful. Honestly was the best summer ever. The only problem (if it even can be called one) I face at times is the food, more so when it is a long-ish break. Eating three meals (or more) at a restaurant can take a toll. OMG, and on that road trip, I simple could not eat another slice of bread! And I specially dislike mass produced buffets, even for breakfast I then stick to freshly made omelette but after a point in time I’m ready for a change! My pet hate is the excess oil used in the food, and I am not even sure of the quality then. It’s just way too much fat and not the kind I am used to or fond off. I am a big advocate of coconut oil, which is often used in the meals cooked at my home.


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