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The Art Effect

I was, well the “artist” in my family growing up. I used to have a collection of stickers on the inside of my book cabinet I had painstakingly collected over years and spend many hours copying those designs on paper. I often babysat my younger cousins and in exchange for their “Good Behavior” I would gift them each something I have drawn out – my version of “art”. It worked – most of the time! (more…)

The Ramble Roundup

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Yesterday was a good day! Initum Novum completed a year and my first book was released for pre order on Amazon AND I launched a personal project – My very own flip book I call “The Ramble Roundup“. So I have always said that what I write is not meant to be taken seriously. They are my rambles, meant for an easy read! I do not give “tips”, I am no expert. I do not give “gyan” I am work in progress my self.


Yoga for Busy Bees

I Know I Know! It is a Thursday! But I am feeling generous and Chandnee, her usual helpful self (maybe you remember her from my previous blog too)! As a Yogini and a Certified Yoga Teacher, her natural instinct is to teach (that is, when she is not wandering around somewhere in the Himalayas – no seriously! I’m not kidding), even if it is online! After much thought (not really, I am so not capable of that) we came up with something that most want – To be able to stay fit even on a tight schedule, on the travels (I was thinking about myself here) or simply take an easy way out on those one off “lazy days” (also me)! So this is Chandnee doing what she does best – Reaching out and helping us by giving few easy “tips” and postures for a quick workout when on the move! If you’re anything like me – you will love it! Over to the expert! (more…)

Home Away from Home – Bon Appetite 🍽

What a fab summer that was! Anyone who follows me on social media will agree with me when I say that this world is an amazing place! Each city so unique, so different, so wonderful. Honestly was the best summer ever. The only problem (if it even can be called one) I face at times is the food, more so when it is a long-ish break. Eating three meals (or more) at a restaurant can take a toll. OMG, and on that road trip, I simple could not eat another slice of bread! And I specially dislike mass produced buffets, even for breakfast I then stick to freshly made omelette but after a point in time I’m ready for a change! My pet hate is the excess oil used in the food, and I am not even sure of the quality then. It’s just way too much fat and not the kind I am used to or fond off. I am a big advocate of coconut oil, which is often used in the meals cooked at my home.


Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Remember when I said I will feature one “Real” woman each week, who “Kicks ass on a daily basis”? Well, Meet Ellie – Mom,  Fitness Coach, Cop! Can’t get more “real” than her, definitely not one that literally kicks ass for a living!!! Again, I haven’t had the pleasure of actually meeting her but I am in awe of what I have seen of her online! Without further ado – Over to Ellie!

Aging Backwards – We did a “Benjamin Button”

Hot on heels of the heavy heavy #boyswillbeboys, presenting an inspired “Lighter” Note. Thank You Dimple! 

Update (May 21, 2016): Wow! A whooping 450,000 reads (and counting) of the original post alone! Humbled!

A friend sent me this picture taken in July 2002. That’s her son in my arms who turned 14 last week (Say “Happy Birthday Kevin”). She said “K looks 14 years older and you guys look 14 years younger”. Two things struck me then 1. Wow! I’ve known her that long!!! 2. Wow! We look AWESOME now!


A Tryst with SRK

*** Sorry couldn’t help but alter the title! In all honesty, I am swooning that I had the chance to share space with the King of Romance! Read on for the actual article, i’m not done swooning yet! ***

Weekday Date Night and the Weight Loss Tamasha!

“Jaan it’s been a while since I’ve taken you out on a date” says my husband of 16 years! “Ok what have you done now?” Is my first thought! “I just wanna spend some time with you it’s been ages” as if reading my mind (or did I say that out loud?) I carefully venture “Ok how about Thursday?”, “Let’s do Wednesday, Thursday is the semifinals na”. Weekday date night? You know how rare that is? Rarer than the blue moon! I’m a mom, I work, we both start our day early, where is this coming from!



Hey guys! So I have a friend. Let’s call her H. She is gainfully employed and though her salary is often considered to be her “pocket money” she is happy with what she does. Married to an ambitious, money driven man – together they have a gem of a child. She is pleasing to look at and enjoys an active and healthy lifestyle always multi-tasking, managing her personal, work and social life, organizing a busy calendar for their pre-teen, maintaining relations with family and friends, planning the birthdays, anniversaries, family holidays – and he (willingly) foots the bills. You get the picture right. The perfect life. The dream.