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I Solemnly Swear That I am Up to no Good

I Love Christmas.Everything about the holiday is magical, everything except that dreaded question – Have you been Naughty or Nice? I mean why pick one of the two extremes. When most things and people cannot be categorized as either black or white, why should the behavior be right? I like the “in between”, the “gray”, the Nice AND Naughty. The Mischievous. Yes, I like Mischief, and it is what I seek when we travel too – in the place, and activities we seek to do! Vienna was one such “Gray” – The Nice AND Naughty, the perfect Christmas Holiday!


What is Meant for Me Will Find Me.

Hey am baaccckkkk! Been kinda quiet on this front eh? Well it’s almost the end of the year, time to slow down, take stock and plan ahead – NOT! Well at least the “plan ahead” bit I can’t do – like EVER! I don’t think anyone believes me when I say it. But I mean it, I don’t plan for a lot of things in my life, including what I write next. And here is why!


I’m Loving It

Breaking the Dubai monopoly over Season Two, we take off from Dubai to land in Singapore for a meet up with “The Ramble Roundup” Travel Expert – Mandira! I met Mandira, yes you guessed it – Online .. and on The Marina Mums Group! She had posted asking for moms to give first hand review of the hotels we have stayed in. I replied like the enthusiastic travel junkie that I am and then we caught up over coffee when I was in Singapore last month. Although I am really embarrassed to admit that I am yet to send her my reviews *** Hangs Head in Shame *** Sorry Mandira! I shall get to this ASAP – or like we say in this region – Inshallah! For now, over to Mandira!


The Ramble Roundup

*** This one is specially for my Subscribers ***

Yesterday was a good day! Initum Novum completed a year and my first book was released for pre order on Amazon AND I launched a personal project – My very own flip book I call “The Ramble Roundup“. So I have always said that what I write is not meant to be taken seriously. They are my rambles, meant for an easy read! I do not give “tips”, I am no expert. I do not give “gyan” I am work in progress my self.


London Dreams

I have always maintained that I am an Unmumsy Mum. Playing “mommy” isn’t something that comes naturally to me. I many times have to stop myself from just getting on with my own life. And I am consciously aware when I take shortcuts in parenting. Which is perhaps one of the reasons for the “traditions” we have, like a family meal out on Diwali, New Years, Birthdays, Anniversaries the works.  I feel that it’s these little things that will keep him coming home long after he has moved on in life! And we started something else 2 years ago, that J would take one trip alone with mom and one with dad! We have had a great run so far and London was fun, so inshallah our “tradition” goes on for years to come! (more…)

Home Away from Home – Bon Appetite 🍽

What a fab summer that was! Anyone who follows me on social media will agree with me when I say that this world is an amazing place! Each city so unique, so different, so wonderful. Honestly was the best summer ever. The only problem (if it even can be called one) I face at times is the food, more so when it is a long-ish break. Eating three meals (or more) at a restaurant can take a toll. OMG, and on that road trip, I simple could not eat another slice of bread! And I specially dislike mass produced buffets, even for breakfast I then stick to freshly made omelette but after a point in time I’m ready for a change! My pet hate is the excess oil used in the food, and I am not even sure of the quality then. It’s just way too much fat and not the kind I am used to or fond off. I am a big advocate of coconut oil, which is often used in the meals cooked at my home.


Racism – By the Indians, For the Indians.

I feel the need for a disclaimer before I start this. So here goes – I am not overtly patriotic. I usually am nonchalant about everything around me anyway. I am notoriously famous for my most common reaction – Mera Kya?? I don’t ever feel the need to justify myself and I hate getting into confrontations which was why I was hesitant to post this. It takes up so much of my energy and over what [notice I never responded to the Gulf News feature ;-)]! But this is something I feel very strongly about. Because when we put “our own” down, it gives everyone else a right to do so as well. I wrote this while on our holiday recently, many little things happened that got me thinking. Then a very recent incident that sparked comments against the Indians just encouraged me further. It’s just coincidence that I’m posting it in August when both India and Singapore celebrate their National Days! 

So what happens when you step out of your comfort zone?

So we’re back in Dubai. Back to reality. Back to routine. If you have been following me on Instagram and Facebook you will know it was a fabulous holiday to say the very least and we are right now going through major the post holiday blues. It was a very “different” one from what we have done before, most places we went to had very little travel info. None of our friends had been to these countries and the fact that at one point we were closer to the North Pole than mainland Norway should be an indication of just how “different” these were.


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