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A Tryst with SRK

*** Sorry couldn’t help but alter the title! In all honesty, I am swooning that I had the chance to share space with the King of Romance! Read on for the actual article, i’m not done swooning yet! ***

Weekday Date Night and the Weight Loss Tamasha!

“Jaan it’s been a while since I’ve taken you out on a date” says my husband of 16 years! “Ok what have you done now?” Is my first thought! “I just wanna spend some time with you it’s been ages” as if reading my mind (or did I say that out loud?) I carefully venture “Ok how about Thursday?”, “Let’s do Wednesday, Thursday is the semifinals na”. Weekday date night? You know how rare that is? Rarer than the blue moon! I’m a mom, I work, we both start our day early, where is this coming from!