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I do it for Me …

As narcissistic as it sounds, I think self love is very important. How do I love anyone else when I don’t love myself? How do I make anyone else happy, without knowing what it feels to be Happy myself? I read posts like “I waited for my birthday and no one made it special” and then there are people who agree with it and add “it was so special before I was married, now I’m a wife, daughter in law, mom” – and by that they mean they are grown ups. I don’t get it. It’s fine if you don’t feel the need to celebrate but if you are left feeling horrible, that’s where the problem lies. (more…)

Aww Mera Happy Birthday

It’s mid June! Wow! Where has half the year gone. I remember ushering the New Years in my blue dress at Grosvenor House miles away from that ill fated fire that happened so close to midnight. I remember receiving messages from concerned family and friends. I also remember thinking – damn I need to wait another 6 months for a party! You see even at my age, I want to – no actually I insist – I celebrate my birthday, and I usually tend to claim ownership of the entire month even. Our Birthday “Anthem” of Aww Tera Happy Birthday goes off each time we discuss my birthday :-D. I look forward to the birthday wishes that flood my timeline (I am definitely NOT one of those who “Thank” Facebook for reminding the friends #cynicalmuch! I mean the person chooses to spend their minute wishing you over anything else they can be doing and each wish is a blessing – I’ll take it!) Love it all!


Blogging Key Side Effects

Hello again! So other than this one off stint with magazines, I do write other stuff right, like on other digital platforms and my own space too. I call them my rambles which in actual fact they are! My topics vary from real serious stuff like complaining about my husband (of 16 years) not writing a Love letter to talking about how great I look now that I’ve lost weight. You guessed it, it’s all about I me myself! (more…)

A Tryst with SRK

*** Sorry couldn’t help but alter the title! In all honesty, I am swooning that I had the chance to share space with the King of Romance! Read on for the actual article, i’m not done swooning yet! ***

Weekday Date Night and the Weight Loss Tamasha!

“Jaan it’s been a while since I’ve taken you out on a date” says my husband of 16 years! “Ok what have you done now?” Is my first thought! “I just wanna spend some time with you it’s been ages” as if reading my mind (or did I say that out loud?) I carefully venture “Ok how about Thursday?”, “Let’s do Wednesday, Thursday is the semifinals na”. Weekday date night? You know how rare that is? Rarer than the blue moon! I’m a mom, I work, we both start our day early, where is this coming from!