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The Ramble Roundup

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Yesterday was a good day! Initum Novum completed a year and my first book was released for pre order on Amazon AND I launched a personal project – My very own flip book I call “The Ramble Roundup“. So I have always said that what I write is not meant to be taken seriously. They are my rambles, meant for an easy read! I do not give “tips”, I am no expert. I do not give “gyan” I am work in progress my self.


The Expert Juggler

I am back – at the airport! Enroute Mumbai right now, but it is Wednesday so here goes! I met Ayshwarya online, like I have many many other lovely ladies – Including the photographer who spoils us rotten with these amazing images – Chloe Lodge! So she commented on one of my articles and then we stayed in touch. One thing led to another (as in a typical virtual friendship) and the next thing we know, we are having the special chai at my house, a sign that things are getting serious. I really like Ayshwarya. She is as real as real gets. Even with the different roles she plays (wife, mother, friend, entrepreneur etc etc), it is still very much “HER”. Read on to find out more about the lovely lady in her full-of-life interview. Thank You Ayshwarya for taking time out, I know how overwhelmed you are right now with the launch of Kidore being just round the corner!

And thank you Chloe Lodge for the images, we all love them. Specially Ayshwarya who couldn’t stop gushing even at 11 pm!


So now you do not work? You sit at home… Doing Nothing?

Oodi baba! I feel like I have to say this – this article isn’t about the woes of a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom), WM (Working Mom), or a WFM (Work From Home) neither is it a comparison. I have been all of those so even if that makes me a level “expert” of sorts, this isn’t about my experiences in the different roles. Each had/ have their moments, each come with their own set of ups and downs. I won’t compare. (more…)

Humari Tamana

We all have that one friend who is the proverbial “Mother Hen”, always looking out for you, always feeding you, always fussing over you putting herself last. No? Well I do, and so do a few fortunate others.  So I was thinking what could be a better feature than to show someone just how lucky we think we are to have her in our lives. Put her ahead of us for a change right? I went on to start a WhatsApp group (yes me) which included her husband Kishore, her sons Krishna and Shiv along with some close mates Dilip, Monica, Priya, Kaushal, Meenakshi and asked them just five question. It is over to them, in their words what they think of her and what she means to them. As for me, well let’s just say she is the only one I would move a feature meant for a Wednesday to a Tuesday. Only for Humari Tamana. Because – Aww Tera Happy Birthday!


London Dreams

I have always maintained that I am an Unmumsy Mum. Playing “mommy” isn’t something that comes naturally to me. I many times have to stop myself from just getting on with my own life. And I am consciously aware when I take shortcuts in parenting. Which is perhaps one of the reasons for the “traditions” we have, like a family meal out on Diwali, New Years, Birthdays, Anniversaries the works.  I feel that it’s these little things that will keep him coming home long after he has moved on in life! And we started something else 2 years ago, that J would take one trip alone with mom and one with dad! We have had a great run so far and London was fun, so inshallah our “tradition” goes on for years to come! (more…)

The Cursed Child

**** NOT a review of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”, but possible spoilers ahead ****

So I was in London with my son this week, spent a lovely week here. We managed to get a lot done in the week there including getting our hands on the tickets of the completely sold out show of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. As the book says its parts 1 and 2, each one being 2.30 hours long. We paid top dollar (pound) for them but hey it’s Harry Potter! It’s a stunning show. I’ve always liked plays but this one was special. The graphics and the animation on stage, the actors, the support just brilliant. The end of part 1 left me craving for me I actually went “oh nooooo” when it said to be continued. I had to wait 3 hours before the next one began!


The Good Son ❤️

J is the Good Son ! No I mean like literally! His name according to the time and date of birth had to start with “D”. At that time I really didn’t care, it was a mere formality for me. DD (Daddy Dearest here people!) wanted it done according to “tradition” and I didn’t have an opinion, didn’t matter to me. In my mind I knew what I and the everyone else will call him! I kinda liked the name Dhruv so suggested that. It was rejected cos that was “Dh” and not “D”. Before the panic could set in I quickly picked “Daksh” and it was accepted. (more…)

Life has just begun!

I “met” Neha when she messaged to personally compliment and appreciate a blog I had posted on a group. We have since only kept in touch over chat and what I love most about her is that she ends every conversation with “Keep Writing”. Only someone who is completely secure and confident of herself would do that considering she’s a fellow writer herself! Read on guys – presenting the Magic Momma – Neha!


Practise Makes Perfect

If Bollywood has Sultan we have Dabangg! Meet Pooja, other than yoga, her tallest claim to fame is that of being my younger sister 😉 An ardent Salman Khan fan, her life is no less than a Bollywood flick – she bullied her way out of situations as a kid, kinda lost herself midway, then found herself when she became a mom! Her “Angel” Maahi turned 2 this year and is literally Pooja’s savior! Over to Pooja and her very filmy life! Hur Dabangg Dabangg Dabangg


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