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An Awareness Post for Hydrops Fetalis

When I started the series of What Women Want, it was because I felt that there were many women out there with a story waiting to be told, but do not know how. Often I was told “oh guest blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your page” or “You must start charging for this” or my favorite “Oh fab, now your followers will increase”. I never responded as always – What they think is exactly that – What THEY thing. I mean since when does increased followers indicate good work which is what I essentially believe in doing. I never had a “vested interest” so to speak. Which could be the reason why a stranger approached me with her story and heavily relied on me to tell it. It is very very personal and aims to RAISE AWARENESS for Hydrops Fetalis, which research indicates is caused by the Thalassemia gene – So actually, I do have a vested interest here I suppose!

Minakshi has had a terrible 2017 so far, she lost her one week old baby and almost lost her own life – TWICE. The condition her baby suffered was known to her only after her Eighth month of pregnancy, which was obviously too late to try and do anything. Read on for her story – I urge you to share it not because it “increases traffic to my site” but because it is a plea. From a parent to another parent. Let us try and save a life.

The story is in Minakshi’s words. I have only edited the grammar and flow. I felt that no one would be able to do justice to her story even though she maintained that she is not a writer.


Where Young Minds “Integreat”!

Breathing life into the “What Women Want” series, we have three young, bright women from diverse backgrounds, brought together over one dream. They wanted a meaningful contribution to society and Integreat Center in Dubai is the brainchild of that dream. The center is the first of its kinds special needs center in Dubai that caters to the needs of young adults between the ages of 16 and 25 years.

I caught up with one of the founders, Nikita Patel, and it was very impressive to see such a wise head on young shoulders. Read on to know more and maybe even get inspired!


Once Upon a Time

I love reading fiction, that is no secret eh. Neither is the fact that strangely enough, I cannot write fiction (note to self: do something about that), even though I do believe that it is essentially the truth presented as a lie. I have the highest regard for anyone who can spin a tale, it takes a completely different mindset to tell a story, and Reshmi is one such gifted storyteller or story weaver as she calls herself. I met her online when she connected with me on Facebook, she told me she has written two books (short stories for children) and that she is working on her third right now. I was so impressed really, I read one of the articles she sent me and loved the way she used everyday situations with classic fairytales, the result was a fun yet insightful read! We kept in touch, often exchanging ideas and finally met at the launch of my book, “Dream it. Live it.“. Rest as they say is history 🙂 Presenting to you today, the story weaver Reshmi!


The Artist

Nope not a new look or anything, and we are still three more to the season finale. So why the change? Well, before I went to see the super talented Jessica (who I met through to the lovely Chloe Lodge) I did a bit of research (I had to sound like I knew what I was doing you see). The Oxford Dictionary defines the term “Art” as – The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power and an “Artist” as – A person who creates paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby. Of course the terms have evolved and now an acceptable “informal” definition is – a person who habitually practises a specified reprehensible activity. I felt that between Jessica and Chloe both the “formal” and “informal” definitions were well taken care off. How could I then, possibly use my “design” for this feature?? Makes more sense now right? It should also give you a sneak peek of sorts on the magic the both of them created that morning. Go on now, feast your eyes!


The “Biz”y Mom

So when I started this series on What Women Want, it was meant to be an “outlet” of sorts for the stories that normally get brushed under the carpet, giving meaning to the term “Girls compete, women empower”. This was the very idea behind the concept of Dania, the founder of Bizmomfinder wanted to give a roof of sorts to the women entrepreneurs in Dubai so we move forward and grow alongside each other  Only because anything and everything becomes easier when “I” becomes “We”. I am also very very proud to share that “WE”  will be doing this series for the members of in the near future. More on that later. For now – Over to Dania!


So now you do not work? You sit at home… Doing Nothing?

Oodi baba! I feel like I have to say this – this article isn’t about the woes of a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom), WM (Working Mom), or a WFM (Work From Home) neither is it a comparison. I have been all of those so even if that makes me a level “expert” of sorts, this isn’t about my experiences in the different roles. Each had/ have their moments, each come with their own set of ups and downs. I won’t compare. (more…)

The Pilates Girl

We have a Bride to be on What Women Want today!!! Her Big Day is just three weeks away! I have known Alison for about a year now. She had posted on The Marina Mums Group about the Pilates classes she offered. I was ailing an injury and was looking for alternatives and Pilates seemed like a brilliant one. As I started training with her, I got stronger and my injured knee better! The added benefit, if I may, was that I really got on with Alison, we really connected on many levels. I knew she was to get married in October and that she was busy with the wedding planning, what impressed me the most was how she glowed and smiled through it all. She would blush at the thought of her wedding instead of stressing. Alison and David I wish you guys nothing but the best! Can’t wait to see the pictures of your big day!

Ps – So when I asked her to do this (way back in June, her story intrigued me – From a Dental Nurse to a Pilates Instructor) she sent it across immediately. I read it and I was shocked at how similar we sound! Read on and you will know what I mean. Truly a girl after my own heart!

Pps – She is currently taking a break from Social Media (planning a wedding is stressful enough) I do have her permission to pass on her contact details should anyone need it! (more…)

THE Marina Mum

I have known Deepika for over 6 years now. My first interaction with her was – yes, you guessed it, thanks to the fabulous “Mommy Group” Dubai Marina Mums or as previously known – The Marina Mums. I can honestly say that it was the first of it’s kind back then and even now my “go-to” place for answers. She works really hard to keep it positive, friendly and relevant. Much like herself actually! The group is a true reflection of her ideals and everything she stands for. Guess there is my reason for loving the group as much as I do! I spent a lovely morning with her at her home and I experienced a perfect combination of Chat, Chai and Chloe

Image Credit to the Fabulous Chloe Lodge! But you already knew that didn’t you 🙂

Master Chef Dubai

What can I say about Priya? Most of you know her as my friend. And you won’t be wrong, but what most of you won’t know is that we are connected in more ways than one. What many of you won’t know is that she is the reason behind this page. I owe every change in my life that has happened in the past year to her. She contributed to the birth of Initium Novum which subsequently gave way to this blog. So really I couldn’t think of anyone more suited to kick off Season 2. I had but of course approached Kaushal (the “man”power behind Brand Priya) and they said yes but this one was special, we had to get the timing right. So here goes – Meet Priya, an upcoming chef in Dubai on a mission to promote vegetarianism. She started her culinary journey with Indulge a little under a year ago and is already a registered chef at ChefXChange and BonAppetour. Professionally, she’s a chef par comparison! Her food is exquisite and unique. She delivers what she promises – indulgence. Personally, I am yet to come across a more genuine, generous and easy going person than her, I just hope I have done justice in showcasing her on the very page she helped start!


Running the Race of Life

Monica! It’s finally your turn! I’m sure everyone is wondering what took this so long, so let’s put the speculations to rest! The Season 1 started with a feature by my older sister Dimple and well, a fitting end to the season (just the season people, not the series) would be a feature by my other sister – from another mother! Lately a lot of people including her lovely mom in law have been of the opinion that we are beginning to look alike, some even commented that we look like sisters, me being the younger one of course 😉 So who better than Monica for the finale eh? I have known her for about 5 years now. What started off as me trying to be supportive towards a friend and fellow mommy, turned into actual admiration and respect! I couldn’t be more proud of how she has grown from strength to strength, over coming challenges (both personal and professional) and keeping herself “updated” with the current trends all whilst still holding true to what got her started as a photographer in the first place – her passion for the art, for capturing “the moment”! A die hard romantic herself, she absolutely gives her all in every couple shoot, while her inner “mommy” comes out in every family shoot! A person par excellence, she looks for the good in everyone and that is what is reflected in the pictures she takes of you – your best side! But enough of what I think about her, over to Monica and her take on life, passion and of course, photography!


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