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To My Younger Self

So I turn 40 next year, this being the last of my birthday in the thirties. In a fitting farewell to what probably was the best decade of my life, I decided that in order to leave everything “unlady” like childish behavior here, I must fulfill every repressed feeling I have ever had.

Back in the day, we had no lavish birthday parties so forget having a cake smash. It would be a shock to our middle class mentality to waste a perfectly good cake – for pictures. But why carry the ghost of the past into the future eh? Why live with regret and later compare and compete with the daughter in law – for no fault of hers! Why must fun be age appropriate?

I wish I had known this earlier. In fact there are many things I wish I had known. Would have made life a little easier. Dull, yes. But easier. (more…)

Where Young Minds “Integreat”!

Breathing life into the “What Women Want” series, we have three young, bright women from diverse backgrounds, brought together over one dream. They wanted a meaningful contribution to society and Integreat Center in Dubai is the brainchild of that dream. The center is the first of its kinds special needs center in Dubai that caters to the needs of young adults between the ages of 16 and 25 years.

I caught up with one of the founders, Nikita Patel, and it was very impressive to see such a wise head on young shoulders. Read on to know more and maybe even get inspired!


My First Brush with Fiction – A Breakup Scene

So this is why I am in Chennai (Along with taking two days to recover after the Book Launch that is). To challenge myself, to push myself out of that comfort zone and to remove the mental block that I cannot write fiction – specially after the headlines screamed “As a writer I struggle with fiction” Ouch! I had said I would love to have coffee with Vikram Bhatt among the new age writers, but no they had to go dramatize that bit didn’t they! Media I tell ya!

Ok deep breaths. So the first “scene” I had to present was a “break up” scene. Basically it involved two characters having a conflict, one wants to work on the relation, the other wants to call it a day. I will in time tell you the feedback I received for what I wrote, but I need your honest views first.


Once Upon a Time

I love reading fiction, that is no secret eh. Neither is the fact that strangely enough, I cannot write fiction (note to self: do something about that), even though I do believe that it is essentially the truth presented as a lie. I have the highest regard for anyone who can spin a tale, it takes a completely different mindset to tell a story, and Reshmi is one such gifted storyteller or story weaver as she calls herself. I met her online when she connected with me on Facebook, she told me she has written two books (short stories for children) and that she is working on her third right now. I was so impressed really, I read one of the articles she sent me and loved the way she used everyday situations with classic fairytales, the result was a fun yet insightful read! We kept in touch, often exchanging ideas and finally met at the launch of my book, “Dream it. Live it.“. Rest as they say is history 🙂 Presenting to you today, the story weaver Reshmi!


Dream it. Live it. – Listing

If you have missed out the previous post announcing my book (and the few million posts on social media there after) – Read about it here, the bonus has of course been the reviews! Check them out!

So I decided to have a “look up” of sorts for where you can get a copy of my book – Dream it. Live it. You can tell I am getting more organized with the way I am doing things now. Dream it. Live it. has been a learning lesson of sorts. I have learnt a lot. A LOT. About people – their ethics, their motives, their values. It saddens me yes, also makes me wary though I would hate to tar everyone with the same brush really. Maybe I could do a second book about the fall out of this one, which I am sure is just getting started :-D. (more…)