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The Art Effect

I was, well the “artist” in my family growing up. I used to have a collection of stickers on the inside of my book cabinet I had painstakingly collected over years and spend many hours copying those designs on paper. I often babysat my younger cousins and in exchange for their “Good Behavior” I would gift them each something I have drawn out – my version of “art”. It worked – most of the time! (more…)

An Awareness Post for Hydrops Fetalis

When I started the series of What Women Want, it was because I felt that there were many women out there with a story waiting to be told, but do not know how. Often I was told “oh guest blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your page” or “You must start charging for this” or my favorite “Oh fab, now your followers will increase”. I never responded as always – What they think is exactly that – What THEY thing. I mean since when does increased followers indicate good work which is what I essentially believe in doing. I never had a “vested interest” so to speak. Which could be the reason why a stranger approached me with her story and heavily relied on me to tell it. It is very very personal and aims to RAISE AWARENESS for Hydrops Fetalis, which research indicates is caused by the Thalassemia gene – So actually, I do have a vested interest here I suppose!

Minakshi has had a terrible 2017 so far, she lost her one week old baby and almost lost her own life – TWICE. The condition her baby suffered was known to her only after her Eighth month of pregnancy, which was obviously too late to try and do anything. Read on for her story – I urge you to share it not because it “increases traffic to my site” but because it is a plea. From a parent to another parent. Let us try and save a life.

The story is in Minakshi’s words. I have only edited the grammar and flow. I felt that no one would be able to do justice to her story even though she maintained that she is not a writer.


Where Young Minds “Integreat”!

Breathing life into the “What Women Want” series, we have three young, bright women from diverse backgrounds, brought together over one dream. They wanted a meaningful contribution to society and Integreat Center in Dubai is the brainchild of that dream. The center is the first of its kinds special needs center in Dubai that caters to the needs of young adults between the ages of 16 and 25 years.

I caught up with one of the founders, Nikita Patel, and it was very impressive to see such a wise head on young shoulders. Read on to know more and maybe even get inspired!


Once Upon a Time

I love reading fiction, that is no secret eh. Neither is the fact that strangely enough, I cannot write fiction (note to self: do something about that), even though I do believe that it is essentially the truth presented as a lie. I have the highest regard for anyone who can spin a tale, it takes a completely different mindset to tell a story, and Reshmi is one such gifted storyteller or story weaver as she calls herself. I met her online when she connected with me on Facebook, she told me she has written two books (short stories for children) and that she is working on her third right now. I was so impressed really, I read one of the articles she sent me and loved the way she used everyday situations with classic fairytales, the result was a fun yet insightful read! We kept in touch, often exchanging ideas and finally met at the launch of my book, “Dream it. Live it.“. Rest as they say is history 🙂 Presenting to you today, the story weaver Reshmi!


The Artist

Nope not a new look or anything, and we are still three more to the season finale. So why the change? Well, before I went to see the super talented Jessica (who I met through to the lovely Chloe Lodge) I did a bit of research (I had to sound like I knew what I was doing you see). The Oxford Dictionary defines the term “Art” as – The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power and an “Artist” as – A person who creates paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby. Of course the terms have evolved and now an acceptable “informal” definition is – a person who habitually practises a specified reprehensible activity. I felt that between Jessica and Chloe both the “formal” and “informal” definitions were well taken care off. How could I then, possibly use my “design” for this feature?? Makes more sense now right? It should also give you a sneak peek of sorts on the magic the both of them created that morning. Go on now, feast your eyes!


I’m Loving It

Breaking the Dubai monopoly over Season Two, we take off from Dubai to land in Singapore for a meet up with “The Ramble Roundup” Travel Expert – Mandira! I met Mandira, yes you guessed it – Online .. and on The Marina Mums Group! She had posted asking for moms to give first hand review of the hotels we have stayed in. I replied like the enthusiastic travel junkie that I am and then we caught up over coffee when I was in Singapore last month. Although I am really embarrassed to admit that I am yet to send her my reviews *** Hangs Head in Shame *** Sorry Mandira! I shall get to this ASAP – or like we say in this region – Inshallah! For now, over to Mandira!


The Expert Juggler

I am back – at the airport! Enroute Mumbai right now, but it is Wednesday so here goes! I met Ayshwarya online, like I have many many other lovely ladies – Including the photographer who spoils us rotten with these amazing images – Chloe Lodge! So she commented on one of my articles and then we stayed in touch. One thing led to another (as in a typical virtual friendship) and the next thing we know, we are having the special chai at my house, a sign that things are getting serious. I really like Ayshwarya. She is as real as real gets. Even with the different roles she plays (wife, mother, friend, entrepreneur etc etc), it is still very much “HER”. Read on to find out more about the lovely lady in her full-of-life interview. Thank You Ayshwarya for taking time out, I know how overwhelmed you are right now with the launch of Kidore being just round the corner!

And thank you Chloe Lodge for the images, we all love them. Specially Ayshwarya who couldn’t stop gushing even at 11 pm!


So now you do not work? You sit at home… Doing Nothing?

Oodi baba! I feel like I have to say this – this article isn’t about the woes of a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom), WM (Working Mom), or a WFM (Work From Home) neither is it a comparison. I have been all of those so even if that makes me a level “expert” of sorts, this isn’t about my experiences in the different roles. Each had/ have their moments, each come with their own set of ups and downs. I won’t compare. (more…)

Humari Tamana

We all have that one friend who is the proverbial “Mother Hen”, always looking out for you, always feeding you, always fussing over you putting herself last. No? Well I do, and so do a few fortunate others.  So I was thinking what could be a better feature than to show someone just how lucky we think we are to have her in our lives. Put her ahead of us for a change right? I went on to start a WhatsApp group (yes me) which included her husband Kishore, her sons Krishna and Shiv along with some close mates Dilip, Monica, Priya, Kaushal, Meenakshi and asked them just five question. It is over to them, in their words what they think of her and what she means to them. As for me, well let’s just say she is the only one I would move a feature meant for a Wednesday to a Tuesday. Only for Humari Tamana. Because – Aww Tera Happy Birthday!


Pure Love

So going back 10 years (again) when we first arrived in Dubai, it wasn’t the entrepreneurial hub it is today. They were very few who had the courage to start something new and relevant.  Ahlaam was one of them. I remember being introduced to the concept of Powwer Bhangra and thinking how cool it was. Weight loss the fun way! Ahlaam further became a “muse” of sorts when we embarked on our weight loss journey. Imagine my joy when I got the chance to meet her, and add to it, got on with her! We sat chatting for nearly 3 hours over her newly launched yum vegan cheese and gluten free crackers range of Pure Vegan Love. From one fitness enthusiast to another – Thank You Ahlaam for your contribution in making this world a healthier place!

And yes! Thank You to the super talented Chloe Lodge for the gorgeous images – once again! And for patiently waiting in between shots, while we jumped from one topic to another! I love the images. Ahlaam looks her beautiful and stunning self!

Its now over to Ahlaam – Entrepreneur, Author, Mom.


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