To My Younger Self

So I turn 40 next year, this being the last of my birthday in the thirties. In a fitting farewell to what probably was the best decade of my life, I decided that in order to leave everything “unlady” like childish behavior here, I must fulfill every repressed feeling I have ever had.

Back in the day, we had no lavish birthday parties so forget having a cake smash. It would be a shock to our middle class mentality to waste a perfectly good cake – for pictures. But why carry the ghost of the past into the future eh? Why live with regret and later compare and compete with the daughter in law – for no fault of hers! Why must fun be age appropriate?

I wish I had known this earlier. In fact there are many things I wish I had known. Would have made life a little easier. Dull, yes. But easier. (more…)

The Art Effect

I was, well the “artist” in my family growing up. I used to have a collection of stickers on the inside of my book cabinet I had painstakingly collected over years and spend many hours copying those designs on paper. I often babysat my younger cousins and in exchange for their “Good Behavior” I would gift them each something I have drawn out – my version of “art”. It worked – most of the time! (more…)

An Awareness Post for Hydrops Fetalis

When I started the series of What Women Want, it was because I felt that there were many women out there with a story waiting to be told, but do not know how. Often I was told “oh guest blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your page” or “You must start charging for this” or my favorite “Oh fab, now your followers will increase”. I never responded as always – What they think is exactly that – What THEY thing. I mean since when does increased followers indicate good work which is what I essentially believe in doing. I never had a “vested interest” so to speak. Which could be the reason why a stranger approached me with her story and heavily relied on me to tell it. It is very very personal and aims to RAISE AWARENESS for Hydrops Fetalis, which research indicates is caused by the Thalassemia gene – So actually, I do have a vested interest here I suppose!

Minakshi has had a terrible 2017 so far, she lost her one week old baby and almost lost her own life – TWICE. The condition her baby suffered was known to her only after her Eighth month of pregnancy, which was obviously too late to try and do anything. Read on for her story – I urge you to share it not because it “increases traffic to my site” but because it is a plea. From a parent to another parent. Let us try and save a life.

The story is in Minakshi’s words. I have only edited the grammar and flow. I felt that no one would be able to do justice to her story even though she maintained that she is not a writer.


Where Young Minds “Integreat”!

Breathing life into the “What Women Want” series, we have three young, bright women from diverse backgrounds, brought together over one dream. They wanted a meaningful contribution to society and Integreat Center in Dubai is the brainchild of that dream. The center is the first of its kinds special needs center in Dubai that caters to the needs of young adults between the ages of 16 and 25 years.

I caught up with one of the founders, Nikita Patel, and it was very impressive to see such a wise head on young shoulders. Read on to know more and maybe even get inspired!


I Solemnly Swear That I am Up to no Good

I Love Christmas.Everything about the holiday is magical, everything except that dreaded question – Have you been Naughty or Nice? I mean why pick one of the two extremes. When most things and people cannot be categorized as either black or white, why should the behavior be right? I like the “in between”, the “gray”, the Nice AND Naughty. The Mischievous. Yes, I like Mischief, and it is what I seek when we travel too – in the place, and activities we seek to do! Vienna was one such “Gray” – The Nice AND Naughty, the perfect Christmas Holiday!


What is Meant for Me Will Find Me.

Hey am baaccckkkk! Been kinda quiet on this front eh? Well it’s almost the end of the year, time to slow down, take stock and plan ahead – NOT! Well at least the “plan ahead” bit I can’t do – like EVER! I don’t think anyone believes me when I say it. But I mean it, I don’t plan for a lot of things in my life, including what I write next. And here is why!


My First Brush with Fiction – A Breakup Scene

So this is why I am in Chennai (Along with taking two days to recover after the Book Launch that is). To challenge myself, to push myself out of that comfort zone and to remove the mental block that I cannot write fiction – specially after the headlines screamed “As a writer I struggle with fiction” Ouch! I had said I would love to have coffee with Vikram Bhatt among the new age writers, but no they had to go dramatize that bit didn’t they! Media I tell ya!

Ok deep breaths. So the first “scene” I had to present was a “break up” scene. Basically it involved two characters having a conflict, one wants to work on the relation, the other wants to call it a day. I will in time tell you the feedback I received for what I wrote, but I need your honest views first.


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