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I love reading fiction, that is no secret eh. Neither is the fact that strangely enough, I cannot write fiction (note to self: do something about that), even though I do believe that it is essentially the truth presented as a lie. I have the highest regard for anyone who can spin a tale, it takes a completely different mindset to tell a story, and Reshmi is one such gifted storyteller or story weaver as she calls herself. I met her online when she connected with me on Facebook, she told me she has written two books (short stories for children) and that she is working on her third right now. I was so impressed really, I read one of the articles she sent me and loved the way she used everyday situations with classic fairytales, the result was a fun yet insightful read! We kept in touch, often exchanging ideas and finally met at the launch of my book, “Dream it. Live it.“. Rest as they say is history 🙂 Presenting to you today, the story weaver Reshmi!

Hey Reshmi! So great to finally get a chance to catch up! Tell us more about who RESHMI is.

Hello everyone! Glad to be here really! I am an author who occasionally blogs. You name an object or a situation and I can spin a tale out of it, and mind you an interesting one – which explains my genre of writing i.e. fiction. I like to call myself a story weaver – first I weave my stories, then I tell them.

So before I became a mum, my favorite line was “patience is a virtue I can never possess” ( which was when I was eastern hemisphere competencies manager for a US oil MNC). God had a hearty laugh and blessed me with 3 children in less than 2 years. My two twin boys Ishaan and Vihaan are so different that probably if not proven through medical records, most people would find it difficult to believe they are twins. Ishaan is more into music and Vihaan into learning. One will eat only rice and the other will not touch a grain of rice. Thank God for my daughter Naisha who brings a moderation and some sanity when these two drive me insane! So, now I am parenting, cooking, shopping, ideating, reviewing, compiling, getting my books published, working on post-publishing, and most of the times….they happen parallely and multi-parallely too! And this would never have been possible without the immense love and support from my life-time companion and friend, Ujwal.

Three Kids! WOW! That is a lot of stuff you have going on! What keeps you going?

I have been blessed with the ability to think very quickly, this has been shared as a feedback by most people who know me, especially my colleagues.So, when my then toddler daughter started getting bored of the Red Riding Hood and Cinderella stories, that I used to read to her at bedtime, I tried my introductory stint with tales that I made up right at the spur of the moment.It became a super-hit formula. Even today, she prefers them as she has terms them “Voice stories” (mind and voice renditions) rather than the traditional story-books. I have seen it work as magic with other kids too. I love creating stories and am very passionate about it.

If I did not write, I would probably get “mad” or “depressed”. No joking (I get that I so so do)! People like me, who have an innate or acquired adrenaline rush, need to channelize their energy into something they are passionate about. In my career of more than 10 years in HR, Policies, Performance Management, Competencies Management, I have to a large extent learnt and applied the usage of appropriate “words/ text” though in business parlance then. Now I use them (words) but only in a different context.

Roadblocks along the way? Am sure you have had your fair share of ups and downs.

Well yes. I will answer that as a woman, and then as an author. As a woman, in my corporate career, most colleagues including my bosses were aware of my direct approach. I did not hesitate in giving 360 degree feedback to my boss, so I tided over any difficulty if anything seemed to shape up. I started my career by climbing gas manufacturing towers (my first job was with a medical and industrial gases company) even though I was in HR. Sometimes when you have done everything the rough and tough way, the difficulties also get scared of you *** laughs ***. But my mother has been like a pillar during all my difficulties. Always by my side

Then came marriage. I met my husband, Ujwal at our first job, as trainees and went on to work in the same company many a times. We were termed as a “couple of equals” in terms of intellect and abilities. Obviously otherwise we are a feet apart, h is 6 feet 1 inch and I am 5 feet 1 inch 😀 But love marriages have their share of learnings too. I have walked that path and learnt it the tough way, that you should never change yourself. The more you show you are mouldable, people take undue advantage. Be firm and people will eventually learn to accept you the way you are. When you are successful in your career and don’t have a child, people brand you as ” a selfish, career-obsessed woman who is not interested in having a child”…but that is not true, took me a long time to get rid of that tag.

As an author: Traditional publishing industry in India is highly bureaucratic and self-publishing has its share of drawbacks. There is nothing intermediate and especially for an Indian author overseas, it seems even more difficult. But I know how persistent I can be, I attribute every experience as a learning that will come handy in future. And that is why, in spite of the difficulties in the journey of book writing and publishing, I still decide to keep marching ahead.

And march on you shall! What next? You have published two book, what else do you have in mind? (says she who has no clue herself)

Haha! Well, I am trying to be realistic when thinking about my future plans. Short term plans are to complete writing my first book for grownups. Long term plans include completing the other books that I am writing parallely and seeing them all published successfully. A specific goal is to co-author a book with another author in a totally different genre! (is that a hint???)

Brilliant! Last words?

I love hearing stories as much as I like telling them. So if you have a story to share, I am all ears.

I for one shall take you up on that! Thank you Reshmi for joining us today and best wishes for your third book! We look forward to reading that one soon! For now you can follow her fun read on her Facebook Page.

Reshmi was the latest in this season of “What Women Want“, which now a proud contributor on Bizmomfinder as “Girl’s Got Everything“. Read the previous ones here.

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