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I have decided to own it! Yes I have authored a book, yes I am an author! How did that happen? In words of Maya Angelou “When I decided to speak I had a lot to say”. I guess this is why I wrote “Dream it. Live it.” But more on that later (There is always more isn’t it) For now I will let others speak!

The bonus has been the raving reviews Dream it. Live it. has received. I have finally managed to compile them all and put them in one place to serve as a reminder should I ever falter. I am still basking in the after glow of the reviews really, none of which I have paid for btw (I refused to go down the “paid reviews” path). Don’t see your name in the list? Well get on with the review then, I will keep updating this one 🙂

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And now the reviews! Thank you all oh so much! I appreciate each one of them!!

Navita Hakim, Founder Pink Penguins, Former writer for The Statesman and The Telegraph

Dilon mein tum apni betabiyan leke chal rahe ho.
Toh zinda ho tum!
Nazar mein khwaabon ki bijliyan leke chal rahe ho
Toh zinda ho tum!
Dream It. Live It. — There couldn’t have been a more apt title to this maiden memoir/book written by Harshika. At some point it did remind me of the Diary of Ann Frank. Different eras, different cultures, different sceanrios and yet so similar in more ways than one.
I am a voracious reader and being a virgo extremely critical. But must say that i devoured the book in flat 1hour 20 minutes.
Its a peek into the workings of a mind of a woman, supressed outside..free on the inside. Raring to take on the world…with nothing but her own perseverance. A quality we often under rate.
The book is stories of the different phases that the author went through. Though honestly i would love to have known more in depth. The scenes are fleeting at junctures…leaving the reader wanting for more. But then again the book makes for a fast read and leaves scope for imagination, for the readers to visualize.
A brave effort to put your heart out for all to read. Vulnerable. Yes. Weak. No. Harshika shows strength of character even as she dishes out her insecurities, fears and low self worth. So much so …you want to meet her in person to know more. It’s not just another story…its a saga of finding ones’ own self and in turn helping your closest links find feet (in this case the spouse). A tale of love…for self, for another, for the universe.
If you are an expat, a woman, someone stuck in life, someone who feels like an underdog or simply looking to get inspired over the weekend…grab a copy and “Dream it. Live It.”


Swati Verma, Author, Blogger, Guest Columnist.

I genuinely want to thank Harshika for sharing her life experiences with us and letting us know that we all face problems but then if we keep chasing out dreams we may as well be able to live them ….. Read the rest at



Reshmi. Author, Blogger at BabbleDabble

I am so glad that I attended the book launch of “Dream it. LIVE IT.” by Harshika.
Prior to the event, “Harshika” was only a name that I was familiar on various social media. And boy! was I glad to meet her, exactly as she has described herself on Page.no.68. She wore an effervescent smile as she celebrated the launch of her first book. To quote her, “I have realized the joy in expressing myself. If I have something nice to say to you, I will say it. I do not have any ulterior motive, I’m not doing it for you, I’m doing it for the good of my soul.” That reflects the wisdom she possesses, derived from a journey of experiences, self-exploration and the discovery of her inner self.”
She walks the talk by demonstrating how collaboration comes much ahead of competition, not just alphabetically, but even otherwise. We are fellow authors (genres different, though), fellow bloggers, yet we collaborate and ideate over our writing styles, platform and anything that connects us both to our WOW (World of Words). She has so correctly captured even this aspect of a relationship in her book – “You do not dim your shine, when you push others ahead!”
Dream it. LIVE IT.” is more than a book. It is a conversation between Harshika and her readers. Candid and relatable portrayal of every person in her book may prompt you to rethink if she has written about you!
I wish you all the success for this book and many more to come.


Ayshwaria Chari, Founder 6am and Kidore (Yours Truly will be blogging on Kidore.com soon)

This review is a long time coming. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy early last week and in-spite of being in the midst of one of the busiest weeks in a long time, I finished it in one sitting.
Anyone who has met you Harshika, would feel like they’re in a conversation with you while reading the book. The light, conversational tone helps at some of the more heartbreaking moments in the book when the reader wants to reach out and give you a hug.
You’ve opened your life and laid it out for all to experience, and done it with complete honesty and courage….not an easy task. As a 30 something woman with fire in your heart, I see this as the prequel. I can’t wait to read the memoirs you write when you’re 60+ about all the great heights you’ve scaled since. Picture abhi Baki hai mere dost…All the very best 😘


Deepika Gupta, Founder Dubai Marina Mums.

A big congratulations to Marina Mum Harshika Dilip on publishing her first book “Dream It. Live It.”

I know Harshika from our Marina Mum story time with Dee days where we all used to meet for Story Time with our toddlers at the litle Marina Mums green patch , now at 10 year’s old our kids have grown , and so has Harshika as, a blogger, a writer and a Dreamer! The book is a short capsule of her very difficult life and how she overcame it by simply believing in herself, working hard and making it happen !! It is a short snappy read and very relatable to us all trying to make Dubai and our lives here Happen! Her blog Initium Novum – Only One Way to Find Out was where I met her again over a cup of tea and our conversation below http://www.onlyonewaytofindout.com/2016/09/14/the-marina-mum/

If you are looking for a shot of inspiration contact Harshika to pick up your copy from the Marina!!


Nafisa Rahman, Event Stylist

Dearest Harshika,
I just finished reading the book a while back and I have to share my reviews of course. BTW I’m chatting with you on WhatsApp at the same time as I’m writing this.
Dream it. Live it. – as the name suggests, it is exactly what’s in the book. The book is just so REAL ! It is a book that most of us can relate to for sure. It is extremely well written and a very light read. Kudos to you for opening so much of your life up to public. Not a lot of people can do this. You go girl! And this is just the beginning.
My absolute favorite part of the book are the last 3 lines of Page 73.
“For help me God, I will NEVER intentionally let anyone feel that way, ever! My shine does not dim if you shine bright. Together we shine even brighter.”
I don’t know you for too long, but this for sure is the Harshika I met, this is the Harshika I know.
Much love
P.s. – yes I have been carrying the book in my holiday.
I was one of the few lucky ones to get a signed copy from the author herself. But due to crazy work and travel schedule, my review got a tad bit delayed.


Aanchal Jaggi, Founder Aakarshan by Aanchal Jaggi

Anyone that knows me, knows im NOT a reader, not a fan of reading books. I’d rather sit and sketch something to calm me down. But when this lovely lady who I first met as a client, told me she’s written a book.. there was no stopping me. I was really eager to get my hands on a copy and oh man, I was hooked. It’s such a beautifully written book, and more because it’s about her life. I’ve always known her as a bubbly and full of life person every time I’ve met her. After reading the book, I have much more respect for this lady than I ever did. I feel honored to know someone who is such a strong person, both mentally and emotionally. This book has touched my heart and it’s difficult to express at what level. Such an inspiration this lady is. Please make sure you get your hands on one of the copies. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Dania, Founder Bizmomfinder

Perhaps a book that will help people to decide and achieve their own goals in life, do what makes them happy, always be yourself, and not to lock up your own spirit. There will always be a rainbow for everyone, the key is to find it …… Read the full review here.

As expected my friends were very generous with their comments.

Monica Chindalia, Professional Photographer, Dubai.

Tamana, Teacher, Dubai.

Mina, Dubai.

Dream it. Live it.
Chapter 19 …. I had a dream. And I was going after that dream.
It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else let alone write about them in a book.
Harshika has shown courage,strength,honesty,pure grit,determination and absolute willpower in her book to be where she is today and living that dream.
I am sure many women will relate to some part of her struggle along the way and her ongoing never give up attitude is inspiring .
She writes with flair and expresses her thoughts and feelings without fear
and as she says being herself. It is this quality I think readers connect to .
The book feels like a conversation with my chai buddy !
Luck,destiny,hard work,that dream,have all been woven together to LIVE IT!
“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined .” Henry David Thoreau
#diva #dramaqueen #blogger #author #2016harshika💕

Vanisha, Dubai

Just finished reading ‘Dream it. Live it.’ by Harshika 😀
Congratulations Harshika, it’s truly a book written from the heart 💕. For a person to write such personal details, takes allot of courage and determination. When reading the book one feels like one is having a conversation with you! The book is easy to read, serious but yet in Harshika’s style makes you laugh😀
When reading the different phases of her life, the reader is left wanting to know more about this sheer determination…the strength that made her such a strong person. A person that is always there to help people.
This is definitely a book which can be turned into a fiction, a fiction which would undoubtedly be a strong contender to leading authors such as Chetan Bhagat.

Sonia, Dubai

Read the book last night was an easy read very well written so proud of you Harshika, always knew you were a strong person but never realized what you have been through. Hard work determination and God’s will can turn all our dreams into reality if we dare that’s the message I take from the book.

Richa, Dubai

Hey Harshika..
Just finished the book.. Makes for a great read, very relatable.. They often say that a book can be a great friend.. And yours is just that. Not giving us any gyaan and advice, but just sharing life’s experiences with us giving us the assurance that we are not alone in all of life’s ups and downs!

Deepa, Dubai

Hershey, what do I say!! I am speechless. You are incredibly brave, a fighter, absolute winner. You have just risen above and beyond everything and charted your own path and maybe destiny by your strong character, belief, grit and determination.
This about your life.
About your writing…simple, flowing, from the heart. You will have struck a chord with every reader, made them relate to a lot of situations but shown how you rose above it all.
Waiting for the next one dear.

Piya, Dubai

Just finished reading the book a few min ago. Felt like you were right here telling me your story about your struggles, your ups and downs and finally your triumphs! Lovely read, haven’t known you for long, but now that I know your story and what you have made of yourself,it is truly amazing! You dreamed it and you are living it! All the very best for the wins and success that awaits you ❤

Amazon has been buzzing too!

“There are themes that every woman–no matter her background, nationality, or socioeconomic level–can relate to” Bookish.ae

Read the full review here

And Goodreads too!

The book, Dream it. Live it. is available here internationally. Please get in touch should you have further queries!

Dream it. Live it.” and I shared space in the current season of What Women Want. Read the previous one here.

Feature Image Courtesy the fab Monica Chindalia.



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  1. Kalpana
    November 10, 2016 at 1:58 pm (1 year ago)

    Such an amazing and inspiring book. Most people in that situation would have broken down, but not Harshika!
    I was so happy to read it.. it gives hope to people who are going thru similar things in life… makes readers realize that there can be light at the end of the tunnel after all.
    Wishing Harshika all the very best in life. May you write 100’s of books and inspire 1000’s of readers 🙂


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