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So when I started this series on What Women Want, it was meant to be an “outlet” of sorts for the stories that normally get brushed under the carpet, giving meaning to the term “Girls compete, women empower”. This was the very idea behind the concept of Dania, the founder of Bizmomfinder wanted to give a roof of sorts to the women entrepreneurs in Dubai so we move forward and grow alongside each other  Only because anything and everything becomes easier when “I” becomes “We”. I am also very very proud to share that “WE”  will be doing this series for the members of in the near future. More on that later. For now – Over to Dania!

Dania! So very nice to meet you! Tell me more about who Dania is.

Hello It is nice to meet you too! Well, I’m a strong, passionate, loyal and honest woman. I´ve been always considered as a rebel, so I guess I am a little, but in a good way. I always stood for what´s just but sadly there´s a little in this world. (Boy, don’t I know this)

I´m happy when I see happy people (for good reasons) and successful people, motivated, talented, entrepreneur, full of enriching ideas. I´m a mother, a wife, daughter, granddaughter, sister and a good friend. I love my family, and I feel blessed for what I have.

So refreshing to hear that! Where does feature in this?

I started BizMomfinder, a women´s business directory when I discovered that there is a lot of female potential and entrepreneurship from hard working mums. I saw that it was a need to have a list of all those businesses and support them and encourage people to shop local, instead of doing it though big corporations that are suffocating small enterprises.

“Shop Local” I like the sounds of that. But I know it almost never is easy. What keeps you going?

Simply because I love what I do, I have a background that matches my work, I have worked in the field of advertising in Mexico and even in Dubai before I decided to branch out on my own. I am constantly updating myself by reading and learning as much as I can. Audio books while driving are the best!

That is a plateful. What keeps you going?

In one word – My kids. They are my engine. They keep me going!

And what does the future look like in your mind? What plans?

To grow in all aspects. For good of course. We are revamping the way bizmomfinder works so watch this space.
As part of “on going” plans for the present and future, and one that rarely changes – To raise happy children.

Beautiful. Anything in particular you struggle with?

Time! The time is my big fat struggle. There is no enough time in the day to work, to be with the kids, exercise, cook. By the time I realized the week have passed by.

There is more…..

Well the technical side. I get frustrated when I have to depend on someone to do the site for me. I would want to learn how it works so I spend hours researching it, to find a solution so I know how to handle a situation should it arise. It isn’t my field of expertise but I want to be on top of it.

So you’re OCD….

****Sheepish Grin**** Yesssss

I knew it! So tell me any difficulties you face as a woman and do you think it’s any different or easier for a man in your position?

I guess being a woman comes with a very big package. We feel different, we sense different, we care different, we are more attached to our children, and to be honest everything is a bit more complicated, from the way we dress, to the way we feel, our hormones keep changing trough time to time, and that affect us quite a lot.

I guess it is easier being an entrepreneur dad rather than a mompreneur. (Of course there are exceptions). And I´m not saying men have it sooo easy! I guess is the fact that it comes from our nature, we are physically more fragile and more sensitive and we put our hearts first.

That is so true! We feel and think with our hearts! Last words?

I would like to invite all those women that have a second, third or even fourth baby; their business!! To join BizMomFinder and let people find your business. Show us what you do best ! And what you have to offer. Because being a mom and an entrepreneur rocks!

Yes it does. It even rocks our world upside down I dare say 😉 As I mentioned we will be carrying forward the series on the soon! You can follow the group on Facebook and Instagram. Stay tuned for more.

Dania is the latest in Season 2 of What Women Want. Read the previous one here.

Images by the lovely Sema and Dania’s makeup courtesy the talented Adriana! Interview by yours truly. Well this right here is prime example for what happens when women empower each other! #girlboss!

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  1. Dania
    October 27, 2016 at 5:35 am (1 year ago)

    Thank you very much! for such wonderful feature Harshika. I´m so happy to have you as a contributor of BizMomFinder and having the pleasure to read all your upcoming interviews in our section “Girl´s got everything”. It is a pleasure to meet people like you. 🙂 And I wish you truly all the best in all your projects.


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