The Ramble Roundup

*** This one is specially for my Subscribers ***

Yesterday was a good day! Initum Novum completed a year and my first book was released for pre order on Amazon AND I launched a personal project – My very own flip book I call “The Ramble Roundup“. So I have always said that what I write is not meant to be taken seriously. They are my rambles, meant for an easy read! I do not give “tips”, I am no expert. I do not give “gyan” I am work in progress my self.

But I do happen to know a few who were experts in their own fields, so I decided to take my feature of “What Women Want” a step further into something that is more multi feature. I had a clear idea of what I wanted and I kid you not when I say that it was an uphill task – but I did it!

Presenting the first issue of “The Ramble Roundup” dedicated to the mentor, contributors and the sponsors. Each month after this they will share expert advice and tricks on subjects ranging from travel to food to fashion to photography to makeup tips to fitness to education and much much more. It is my Roundup for the month – done specially for you! The only hitch is, it works on a different set up and hence an alert of new post does not come through. But why fear when I am here 😉

Lastly, Thank You ALL for the support over the past months. I wouldn’t have made it if not for the constant support and love showered by you. From a “Blogger” to an “Author” in eight months is all you! Dream it. Live it. would have been just that – a Dream. Thank You!

And now – Let’s Ramble!

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